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March 28, 2005


K. Todd Storch


Now, be sure you are activating those ideas that are truly important!


Rosa Say

Reading your post energizes me Matt, because there are so many possibilities - truth is, we all have lots of ideas every day, but we tend to discount them as a momentary flash other than regarding them as the fire starters they very well may be. Our lack of action is what blows out the candle.

And while the examples you spoke of are good ones, fact is that not all action requires more money be spent. I had a small idea for a reinvention tweak on Talking Story Saturday, and I carried it through to a post and change this morning. It was also a way for me to say thank you to some special people, and it was an activation that made me feel great. Come check it out if you can, here's the link:

A hui hou, and aloha, ---Rosa

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