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February 17, 2005


Christopher Bailey

Wow Matt, I just left a message at Lisa Haneberg's blog Management Craft talking about something very similar. And that's a followup to a post that I did a few weeks ago called "Let's Change the Way We Hire Talent, Okay?" I'm on the job applicant side and its a frustrating process to be acknowledged for your talents, but told that they don't quite fit an open position (or any job position). Maybe its the morning coffee, but I'm starting to see a clearcut path for how I need to be a part of the process that shakes the pillars of the traditional hiring method. Want to hop on the bus with me?

Matt Sunshine

I hear you on this one. I do interview people all the time, last year I think I interviewed over 200 people and perhaps hired 15 of them. I try ( I really do) to practice the philosphy of always be looking and also have clear criteria when making a selection. Talent, Experience and Fit are the big three.

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