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January 16, 2005


Rosa Say

Aloha Matt Sunshine! What a wonderful name!
In Hawaiian you would be called Pā ‘ana a ka lā.
"Ideas, Leadership, Vision" is Alaka'i: the Hawaiian value of leadership and initiative.

I see you have my favorite management book on your list: First Break All the Rules. So I shall be looking forward to your mana'o (your thoughts and beliefs) on talent - and perhaps on skills and knowledge?

And Raving Fans too! I have a feeling your new blog will be right up my alley.

Mahalo, thank you, for your willingness to share your thoughts with the rest of us. ---Rosa


Welcome to Blogville Matt.

I tend to agree with Marcus in that talent is something one is wired to do. I also agree in that one should develop their strengths.

I am looking forward to what you have to say on sales talents.

K. Todd Storch

Hmm...this subject could be an entire blog!

I'll leave this comment and its a direct quote of conversations you and I have had many times: 'They are what they are. Talent is what it is'.

Hire talent. Develop talent. Nurture talent.

Great stuff and I'm looking foward to much more on this from you.



Great topic. Something everyone is raving about in today's recruitment market. I look forward to your thoughts and ideas on this topic.



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