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January 15, 2005



I am a new blogger too! I started just a couple of days before you.

I totally agree with you about "Evidence" mail. We have a hard time keeping our users under Outlooks 2 gig limit on the pst file. They want to save everything! And yes, it is so annoying when people hit reply all. I got cured of that disease when I worked briefly at Microsoft. NOBODY does reply all there! Unless you want flaming email from 30,000 users!

K. Todd Storch

I just heard something yelled in the sales area that is funny, but yet so true.

Here it is: HOLY HOW MANY!?!? Say it with me. Holy How Many?!

This was in a desparate plea to STOP the Reply All's to a simple question a fellow worker needed an answer to.

Seriously, I am considering a NO EMAIL DAY for internal emails. Let's get people talking again.


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