Husband to a great wife Beth! April 2005 we will celebrate our 14th anniversary

Father of twins!!! 2 amazing Girls! Not identical but everybody thinks they are. What makes them truly unique is that they have seperate birthdays!!! that's right... born just 11 min apart, but just before and after midningt.
Allison and Emily are our pride and joy!

Group Director of Sales Development for Susquehanna Radio Corp. (located in Daalas, TX.)

My blog is a collection of my thoughts and ideas on relevant and current topics.

When I am not spending time with my family and / or working you can bet that I am training for my next triathlon. Triathloning has become a passion of mine in the last year. In 2004 I completed 7 triathlons a 1/2 ironman, a 1/2 marathon and a marathon. 2005 promises to be a great year.

I graduated from University of Missouri - Columbia with a BA in Political Science with an emphisis in Business.

Note: The opinions expressed on this site are not those of my employer or of the organizations I'm a part of. They are mine alone.


Hanging out with my family, going to movies, traveling, Running, cycling, swiming Triathlons,